Dental Check-Ups in Boynton Beach

Dental Check-Ups in Boynton Beach

Regular dental check-ups are foundational preventative care for a lifetime of dental health. The main goals of these appointments are to check for cavities, to assess the health of your gums, and to clean your teeth. Our favorite part of the check-up, however, is getting to help educate and encourage our patients to continue their care at home. When you see us for a check-up, expect to be walked through your x-rays, shown photos of your teeth and gums. Some typical services in our check-ups include:

Digital X-Rays:

We use x-rays to gather information about what’s happening below the tooth’s surfaces, to evaluate what’s happening between the teeth, to assess the health of existing fillings, and to rule out abnormalities in the jaw bone. As a bonus, our x-rays are all digital, reducing unnecessary radiation exposure.


We specialize in modern cleanings using ultrasonic cleaning technologies. This is a gentle and effective way to remove calculus and stains compared to traditional dental picks.

Night Guards:

We offer night guards to help protect teeth from damage caused by grinding or clenching—which, for many, occurs at night. And if you already have a night guard, we’re happy to clean it for you if you bring it to your check-up.

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